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BarrierGuard 800 Protection at Bournemouth Wheels Festival

Date: 01/07/2016


In 2015, Bournemouth Borough Council set out to nd a barrier that will protect the hundreds of thousand visitors to their town while limiting further disruption to trffiac in the build-up and demolish of their annual motor festival.

Logistics had been an issue in the infancy of the event in 2014, the selection of a heavier barrier required over 30 delivery trucks to install the barrier. In 2015, Bournemouth Borough Council selected Highway Care’s BarrierGuard 800 portable steel barrier. Upon its successful deployment, increased safety for both drivers and spectators; BarrierGuard 800 will continue to be used for Bournemouths third event in June 2016.

“Highway Care was pleased to supply Bournemouth Wheels Festival with a barrier that matched their requirements. BarrierGuard 800 is a low deecting, high containment barrier that is perfectly suited to a quick deployment with limited disruption. The event was a success and we were able to deconstruct the barrier promptly after the event”


Business Development Manager, Highway Care

“I was impressed both with the barriers themselves and probably even more so, the eciency of their removal. I went out in the morning of the removal expecting to see them being taken away only to nd they had been removed with no apparent disruption at all. The bolt holes in the highway had all been lled with bitumen as agreed and there was next to no evidence they had ever been there”

"Thanks again for the efficient erection and removal of your Barrierguard system on our demo straight for the 2016 Bournemouth Wheels Festival."

Highway Network Manager,Bournemouth Borough Council

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